Book review - Age 5 Plus  

 Lazy Jack by Tony Ross    Reviewed by Jessica , age 11

This tale tells of a young princess who can’t laugh.  On the other side of town, a lazy boy sets out to find work. However, doing everything his mother tells him, he ends up in quite a muddle, but can he still make the sad princess laugh?

Submerge yourself and your kids in this fun-packed story. Older children can even have a go at reading it themselves , or they can just sit and enjoy the story when you read it to them. 

Perfect for reading aloud, this book is good for both boys and girls and boasts many colour pictures and phrases, brilliant for ages 4 to 6  (although adults can enjoy it too). Also the book Lazy Jack has won the Children’s Book of the Year Award .

 There is a range of books by Tony Ross including: Little Red Riding hood (retold by Tony Ross), Naughty Nigel and I’m Coming to Get You. All of Tony Ross’s books are highly recommended for ages 4 to 6; however, they are also adored by older children.  


 Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

In this story, three owl babies awake to find that their mother has gone and they are all alone. In the dark of the night they begin to worry. When will their mother return?

This is a lovely, enchanting story which deals with childhood worries, reassuring the owl chicks and reader alike. Of course, all is well in the end.


Superworm by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

From the creators of The Gruffalo comes the wonderful tale of a new hero: Superworm! When Beetle falls down the well, who comes to her rescue? Who saves Baby Frog from the perils of the road? Who entertains the children by turning into a skipping rope? You guessed! Good old Superworm! But beware! Wicked Lizard is lurking, waiting to steal our hero’s powers… A super tale for younger readers!