Book reviews - Age 6-7 Years  

The Gigantic Turnip by Aleksei Tolstoy and Niamh Sharkey

Reviewed by Leeya, age 11

What would you do if you had a gigantic turnip stuck in the ground, in your garden? I think you would do what the old man and the old women did.

One fine March morning, the elderly couple sowed their vegetables so they could grow tasty food to eat. But the turnip they planted grew so big that they could not pull it out of the ground alone, so they found all the help they could get. You would think they would be able to pull it out of the ground, owning as many animals as they did, but they still needed a bit more help. Eventually... well, I think you know what happens but if you don’t, read the book yourself!

This great book left me amazed that teamwork is so important. Aleksei Tolstoy takes us on a hilarious journey with the old man and woman as they solve their problem. If you like greatly illustrated books, this is the book for you. This book would be recommended for ages 7 plus. A very good book! Other books by AlekseiTolstoyinclude: The Lame Prince and The Garin Death.


Part of the ‘Happy Families’ series, Mrs Wobble (as her name suggests) is the story of a hazard prone waitress. Needless to say, when she has to carry a jelly to a customer, it is a recipe for disaster!

There are many more books in this series including Mr Cosmo the Conjuror, Mrs Plug the Plumber, Mrs Jolly’s Joke Shop and Mr Biff the Boxer – something for everyone!