Nelly the Monster Sitter series by Kes Cray and the Horrid Henry series by Francesca Simon

Nelly the Monster Sitter series by Kes Cray and the Horrid Henry series by Francesca Simon

When Petronella puts an ad in a local paper for baby sitting ‘monsters’, little does she realise that she will be in huge demand for… well, monster babies. A series of funny, mischievous books that will delight boys and girls alike.

Similarly, the ‘Horrid Henry’ series will appeal to both genders. Children love them, even if adults aren’t impressed with the eponymous hero’s antics!

The Butterfly Lion by Michael Murpurgo

The Butterfly Lion by Michael Murpurgo

Unhappy at boarding school, a young boy called Bertie runs away and is rescued by an old lady who tells him the tale of another boy called Bertie who saved an orphaned white lion cub in Africa.

The tale of Bertie and the lion cub is set long before and ultimately is a story of hope. It is a magical tale about friendship which can move the reader to tears of both laughter and sorrow. A must read for all.

Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne

Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne

Different views from people in the park… First a woman takes her child and her dog out for a walk and treats her child like her dog but is bothered, however, when another dog comes up and sniffs her dog’s bottom. As soon as her child goes off to play, his mother does not appreciate fun and orders all to go home. But the real question is will everyone else think the same as Charles’s mother whilst at the park at the same time?

The second point of view is from a man who needs a job and goes to the park to walk their dog. When his child goes to another child and starts playing, he is happy and lets her play.

Wishing that life was not so boring, Charles goes with his mum to walk Victoria, their dog. Seeing a dog playing with his pet, he stands in his mum’s shadow seeing pictures in the trees. Finally, he creeps off to play with a girl.

As she takes Albert to the park, Smudge explains the everyday things that their pet does and eventually she gets the courage to ask a boy to play with her. Read Voices in the Park to find out what happens between Smudge and Charles.

Good for children who like amusing stories with detailed pictures (good for eye spy). If you read Voices in the Park and enjoy the writing of Anthony Browne, then try and read other books like The Tunnels and Into the Forest. A must read for young children…

Reviewed by Ellen A, Year 6 (for ages 7-9)

The Tower to the Sun by Colin Thompson

The Tower to the Sun by Colin Thompson

A rich, elderly man has a dream to show his grandson the sun, which is hidden above the polluted sky. When his grandchild requests to build a tower to the sun, the old man agrees. Will they ever see the sun?

Along with Colin Thompson’s other books, The Tower to the Sun has beautiful illustrations. Many people will agree that his pictures grab the imagination. Every time you look at a picture, it reveals something new.

This book can be read to both genders. I would recommend this book to be read to children over seven plus. Colin Thompson takes us on a weird and wonderful story.

Reviewed by Will B, age 10

The Wolves in the Wall written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Dave McKean

The Wolves in the Wall  written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Dave McKean

An ordinary family discover they have something unusual in the walls of their old house; however, if these creatures come out, it’s all over… How will they fix the mess that they’re in?

Lucy, a young girl, begins hearing strange noises in her house. She insists that its wolves in the walls but her family think otherwise. She tells each family member, they all say different things apart from one sentence: “If the wolves come out of the walls, it’s all over.” Lucy is confused until one day this really does happen. The family flees. How will they reclaim their house?

This exciting book has you on the edge of your seat! It will make you laugh and shiver. The illustrations are fantastic and both genders will enjoy this book. It includes mysterious and scary parts. A must-read book!

If you enjoy this story, why not take a look at other books by this great author?

Recommended for ages 8-9 and above.

Reviewed by Lara, Y6